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Facts about Diabetes Mellitus:

26 million Americans have diabetes (2011 CDC report), of these, 7 million people do not know they have the disease.

79 million Americans have pre-diabetes.

8.3% of Americans of all ages have diabetes. 11.3% of adults over the age of 20 have diabetes.

25% of adults over the age of 65 have diabetes.

40% of US adults will develop diabetes, primarily type 2, in their lifetime. (2014 CDC report)

Diabetes & The Eye

Diabetes in the major cause of blindness in adults aged between 20-74.

Diabetes affects the eye by increasing the risk of cataracts, causing capillaries to leak cholesterol and fluid into the retina, abnormal growth of blood vessels that bleed into the retina and vitreous cavity and may result in retinal detachment.

If you have diabetes, it is vital to control your blood sugar level, your blood pressure, cholesterol and serum lipids. You need at least an annual diabetic eye exam, more frequently if you have diabetic eye disease.

Call 480 237 3799 to schedule your diabetic eye examination.  

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